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معرفی کتاب آموزشی دوره آمادگی آزمون بین المللی CAE

LEVEL C1 | Advanced

Revised and updated for the new exam, the new edition of Ready for CAE gives in-depth exam training to prepare students for the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) exam.
Special language focus sections encourage analysis of the main grammar areas at this advanced level. Skills for all papers are covered and there is a complete practice speaking test included


  • Updated and revised to include the changes to the Cambridge ESOL CAE exam (2008)
  • Ready for units give detailed information and training on each paper in the CAE exam 
  • Extensive Ready for Writing section provides comprehensive support for writing tasks 
  • Plenty of speaking practice throughout

زبان آموزان عزیز می توانند جهت تقویت بنیه علمی خود و موفقیت در آزمونCAE، کتاب های ذیل را تهیه و مطالعه نمایند:

  • MacMillan Destination C1&C2 (Grammar & Vocabulary) by Malcolm Mann & Steve Taylore-Knowles
  • Oxford Word Skills (Advanced) by Ruth Gairns and Stuart Redman
  • Oxford Word Skills  Idioms & Phrasal Verbs (Advanced)
  • Longman Advanced Learners Grammar by Mark Foley & Diane Hall

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